Native American Smudging Supplies
Smudging is a ritual performed using a smoking stick made from bundled dried herbs (traditionally Sage, White Sage, Lavender, Copal, Cedar, or Sweetgrass or a combination) for cleansing the physical body, locations, or personal objects. Smudging is part of many Native American traditions. These are called smudge sticks or smudge wands.

The ritual of smudging has scientifically been proven to positively affect the energy of the environment. The negative (healthy) ions in the smoke and the molecules of the smoke itself capture the positive (unhealthy) ions, thereby clearing the atmosphere. So as the smoke clears (preferably out the window) , it takes the negative energy (positive ions) with it, releasing it out where it will dissipate.

The idea of smudging or clearing a space is hardly a modern one. Native American smudging dates back hundreds of years, and most traditional cultures, from the Zulus to the Maoris, from the Chinese to the Balinese, have ancient forms of cleansing and blessing rituals. Even the incense wafting through a church or temple is cleansing the atmosphere just as surely as the medicine man’s bowl of sacred smoke/ smudge does.

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Handmade/Hand Glazed Porcelain Shell Offering Bowl   $20.00

This versatile handmade & hand glazed shell bowl is beautiful in its elemental simplicity of form.  It is equally beautiful on the altar, kitchen table, coffee table in the living room, or on your desk or bedside table. Simply write your prayers or wishes on a piece of paper, meditate on it and read it aloud, then place it in the Offering Bowl so that your hopes are sent to Great Spirit in the smoke. Click Here for more details...
Caldrea® Countertop Cleanser - Basil Blue Sage

Caldrea Clarifying Home Fragrance and Countertop Cleanser - Basil Blue Sage $9.49


*Effective countertop cleanser

*Clarifying fragrance

*Naturally fresh way to clean and remove odors

*Contains special Vegetable Protein Extract

*Scent: Basil Blue Sage

*Quantity: 16 fluid ounces

Enjoy the the crisp and clean scent of Caldrea's® Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser - it takes the basic formula of our All-Purpose Cleanser and adds a special Vegetable Protein Extract, a naturally fresh way to remove odors from kitchen and bath. Simply spray and wipe.

Uses: Safe and effective on all non-porous surfaces, such as finished wooden and tile floors, countertops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed granite, stainless steel and more. This non-aerosol elixir comes in a beautiful, amber color bottle that looks great anywhere in the home.

Smudge Wand Sweetgrass Braid 15

15" Sweetgrass Braid Smudge Wand $8.35

15" Sweetgrass Braid Smudge Wand. NATIVE AMERICAN INCENSE. SAGE SPIRIT Smudge Wands are made from a combination of sage, cedar sweetgrass, lavender and copal. Wrapped with 100% cotton string, each wand is considered a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans in the smudging ceremony. ''Smudging'' is the name given to the burning of these sacred herbs for the purpose of cleansing and sending out prayers. Today, people are smudging to receive the benefits known to our Native American brothers and sisters for generations.

Bellissimo BOWS-2303 Hand Painted Sea Shell Shimmer Design 6 Inch Serving Bowl

Bellissimo Hand Painted Sea Shell Shimmer Design 6 Inch Serving Bowl $36.00

Hand painted serving bowl - 6 inch diameter - 3 inches tall. The sea shell shimmer design features a stunning collection of highly decorated hand painted sea shells luxurious in the rich metallic shades of gold silver and bronze. Viewed through sparkling glass, these elegant shells shimmer beautifully in the daylight and even more exotically in the moonlight. Also perfect for catching smudge ashes when performing a space clearing. Design: BOWS-2303